Send Money with Ria

Send up to $999 per order to family and friends in over 135 countries (including the U.S.) in minutes. Send Money with Ria is a service provided by Ria Financial Services, the third largest money transfer company in the world.

Money transfer service,
plus extra benefits

  • Skip the store:
    Save time by sending money directly from your phone
  • Easy pick-up
    Funds are available for pickup—typically in minutes—at convenient locations
  • Peace of mind
    Money transfers are reliable and secure, backed by Ria’s global network, complete with detailed email receipts for your records
Sending money is simple using the Mobile Wallet app. Search pickup locations quickly using the locator and confirm prices before having to commit to an order. To start a new order, select the destination country, the amount you’re sending (up to $999 per transfer), the currency being delivered, and the location where the funds should be sent.

The app will walk you through some additional information you will need to provide about the recipient to ensure a safe pickup. You are always allowed to review and authorize an order before it's final.

Once the order has been submitted, you'll receive an email receipt that contains a transaction PIN for you to provide to the recipient that permits them to pick-up the funds at the location you selected (usually within minutes). You can even check recent transfers anytime in the app so you always know the status of your orders.
Money transfer fees can vary. The Mobile Wallet app allows you to check exchange rates and get price estimates before you start an order, so you'll never have to guess the cost of your transfer. Select the Send Money with Ria option to get started.
Send Money with Ria is a service available to Mobile Wallet and Mobile Wallet Plus accounts. Mobile Wallet accounts may be asked to verify some basic personal information before placing a first order.

Recipients do not need a Mobile Wallet or Mobile Wallet Plus account to receive funds.